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What Bahá’ís Do

In neighbourhoods across the country, Bahá’ís and their friends are engaged in a community building process that cultivates love and translates it into action.

Bahá’u’lláh has drawn the circle of unity, He has made a design for the uniting of all the peoples, and for the gathering of them all under the shelter of the tent of universal unity. This is the work of the Divine Bounty, and we must all strive with heart and soul until we have the reality of unity in our midst, and as we work, so will strength be given unto us.



Classes for children

Children classes allow a community’s youngest members to practice their God-given qualities, such as kindness, generosity, patience and compassion. Parents, teens and young adults teach these classes and create an environment where children feel they belong to the community and share in its purpose

Groups for teens
and pre-teens 

These groups tap into young people’s acute sense of justice, growing awareness and increased interest in profound questions. Through storytelling, discussion, recreation, arts and service projects, participants form healthy and productive patterns of behavior. They build discernment and decision-making skills, and learn to address the needs of their communities.

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Study circles 

Study circles are for adults and older teens. They connect study of Bahá’í Sacred Texts to acts of service. Topics include: the spiritual nature of life, the basic features and history of the Bahá’í Faith, how to build unified communities, and how to teach children and mentor youth. In their study circles, neighbours share insights with one another and design service projects relevant to their communities. 

Prayer gatherings 

Prayer gatherings bring friends, families and neighbors together in a spirit of worship — feeding the soul through prayer, song and contemplation. Drawing strength from the cultural character of each community, they inspire meaningful connections in an informal setting.

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